New Marketing

Marketing has been around for many ages, but the last few years has seen the face of marketing change completely. Instead of using normal print and television spots, the idea of using advertisements to attract future customers has moved to the Internet. Social networking websites and easy access to unlimited amounts of media have replaced television as the primary entertainment pastime of the country. In addition to the wider audience that a marketing campaign will have online, a good product or service will now be advertised rapidly by nearly real time transmission of electronic communication.

This paradigm shift is changing how marketing executives choose to sell their wares, with many choosing to use the social networks to increase their exposure. The reason for this is the popularity of these types of websites. Instead of simply seeing an advertisement for a product, a person can share it with their friends who, in turn, share it with their friends. This online chain takes no more than a few minutes to complete, meaning that a new ad can be disseminated across a very large audience in only a short amount of time.

The older models of marketing simply do not work in the current age of quick technology advances and real time sharing of data. A print marketing ad that is sent by snail mail will always be too late and is extremely expensive when the cost per person is considered. A company that wants to truly increase the size of their audience will need to think about their online strategy and how better to optimize it. Real optimization must include the major social networks as well as spot advertising on some of the websites with high numbers of visitors. In this manner, the large audience can quickly increase the success and profits of the business.