Experiential Marketing and online businesses

Experiential marketing is a new field in marketing that involves creating a special connection with the consumer and engaging him emotionally and intellectually. The main goal of experiential marketing is to place a product or a brand in such a manner that the consumer will respond to it both on an emotional and rational level. In this way, marketing is engaging both parts of the human brain: the logical and analytical side and the emotional side and that is why it is also called emotional marketing. By activating both sides, humans can make an informed decision and choose the best product that is right for them.

Experiential marketing is about appealing to ones senses. That is why supermarkets are full with promotional stands where marketing employees offer people to taste products and to explain how those products are made, how good and healthy they are and how affordable at the same time. This process engages both sides. People get to taste products, thus developing an emotional relationship and they also get to listen to the product description, thus deciding if they agree with it or not on an intellectual level.

The Experiential marketing is kind of hard to apply in the online world were the interaction between the customer and the product is limited and virtual. Still, online businesses can try to fill that empty space with a marketing technique called testimonials. A testimonial is a customer’s opinion recorder on video or written on a blog or website about a certain product.

It is usually used in order to assure other customers that the product was good and of high quality, thus offering a personal experience that is both analytical and emotional. People are very sensitive when discussing these products and the health conditions that they treat, but if people watch and read other people’s experience with the drug, it might make the buyer feel more comfortable and identified with the product, prompting the decision to purchase the item.