Experience the Message

Experiencethemessage.com was the place where one can learn how experiential marketing is going to change the brand world. The blog contained various articles wrote by specialists in different marketing fields and individuals who are passionate about what they do. This website provides the readers with extremely interesting and up to date news from the world of marketing and not only. If one is interested in communication or internet this is the right place to be for the best and latest news.

Scanning through the website, individuals may have found out that North Face one of the most popular companies when it came to outdoors activities was willing to go more eco-friendly. The care for the environment and going more eco-friendly is certainly a successful marketing campaign because people nowadays seem to be willing to buy eco-friendly products, no matter what they are, and avoid buying those with a negative impact on the environment. The founder of North Face and Esprit bought large tracts of land in Argentina to protect it from industrialized agriculture and make a difference for the Argentineans and the world. Surprisingly or not, the founder of these companies, Tompkins started doing good deeds for the earth when he began buying up land in Chile with the intention of turning it into a nature preserve and give it to the government.

But the environment was not the only thing that gets into the attention of the professionals at Experiencethemessage.com. When it came to cars and disruptive driving, this website provides the readers with valuable information. As such, one may learn that car-rental giant Avis introduced a system through which it enablesd its customers to get a driver when renting. The service was intended for business men and executives in general and it was meant to provide them with an option in which after landing they do no longer have to pick up their rental car, but their rental car will be waiting for them at the airport. The best part of the deal is that the customer got always to decide to drive themselves and dismiss the driver whenever they wanted. So if this was not a great marketing campaign for a car rental company, than what is?

The website also contained interesting interviews with individuals who have made a difference in their field of action and who have what to share to the world. One of the interviews featured Jonathan Tisch, the CEO of Loews Hotels, the man who also wrote a book about how chocolate on the pillow are no longer enough the satisfy today’s eager traveler. Basically he agrees that people nowadays are looking for the ultimate experience and that a perfect customer service is what is needed to provide the guests with what they expect.

This and much more was explained on Experiencethemessage.com and when it came to marketing and brands, this was the right place to be for sure.